Monday, March 22, 2010

Messy Monday

Today I am frustrated about trying to upload pictures. I have some to share of things I have made and seem inept at displaying them. Having a hard time with this project and must leave for now. Hope everyone has a great week. I will continue to wait for the assistance of a family member to help with my photos unless I can somehow do it on my own one day. Until the I leave you with Just This... Alice

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Trying Tuesday

Some time has gone by since I have posted anything. Things happen and we go with the flow in order to make it in this world.
I am certainly looking forward to Springs arrival. These cold days and nights are having its toll on my body as well as everyone else.
I was invited to Face Book by my son in New York as a way to keep in touch with him and see all his wonderful pictures. I am in the process of having a book made for him of his pictures. The only problem I am having is I love them all and as he adds new ones it makes my dilemma even worse. I have to pick out the best ones to include in the book. LOL. Ever have to do that with so many pictures that are great? He will be so surprised when he gets it. I am even including my grandchildog in it. He is having so much fun skiing right now and this is where he is getting his awesome photos from.
My teacher daughter is so looking forward to teaching again next year at her present location. She has a great class of kindergartners. I always worry about her commute and her safety while driving. There have been so many accidents and deaths lately that I can't help myself thinking of her traveling back and forth. She is so giddy about teaching and I guess it comes from the little ones. Getting on their level has a way of showing up at the most unwanted times for her. But we just laugh with her and chalk it up to loving her work.
Another daughter got her publications distributed yesterday and I was fortunate to see my grandson for a couple of hours. He is growing in leaps and bounds. The day will come when I will get some pictures on here. I am still learning and almost there. I am so thankful that she is teaching me about computers and pictures. I know she is a very busy woman and does a lot then adds teaching me into the list of things to do this week. She also takes some beautiful pictures. Actually all my children do but I don't have very many of them.
My youngest daughter has been renovating their home and her husband is so helpful with his input and works right along with her on it. he is a hard working man then does that when he is off. They have a beautiful place about 10 miles from me. We all live in the same town but not too close to be uncomfortable. She called me today and her and the 3 year old are having such fun in the sun today swinging. I could hear her giggles and had a visual of them in my mind. It won't be long til they clean out the fish pool and plant flowers around it.
I love the idea of planting flowers but am limited in doing so now. I am fortunate to have a few photos of my gardens from days gone by. i must go to WalMart and find a very large planter that has room for a 22 inch root length for my peony start I just got. It is supposed to have a lovely scent to it and I am looking forward to seeing it grow.
well my all in one printer is installed and my next lesson is to scan pictures to put on my computer. I am looking forward to that. My efforts at organizing my craft stuff is paying off and I will soon be able to craft something once again. I just don't know if I can manage the pictures and layout to do so. There is just so much to learn to make a better Blog than I am doing now. I hope I am up to the task of executing what I learn when the time comes. I forget so many steps and have to keep trying. Some day I will get it right and be able to do it on my own.
Until then I remain Just This...Alice