Friday, August 20, 2010

Feeling Friday

This is one of those days when I'm feeling it. Sometimes days, weeks, months may go by before I feel it. Here it is the middle of the night for me and I sit before the computer feeling it. Do I dare go out to get it this late at night or do I sit and fight feeling it. I sometimes get lucky and may already have it close by. Sometimes I can talk myself out of it. Then there comes the times I can't get around it and have to have it no matter what because I am feeling it so strongly. This time it is decided for me. I can not go out and get what I am feeling a craving so much for, chocolate ice cream.
Now that was a lot of words for nothing I would think. Wouldn't it have been so much easier to say "I am sitting here in the middle of the night craving chocolate ice cream." WOW!!!!! what a waste of space to chatter on and on about nothing. Reminds me of the hens before they lay an egg. They cluck around the yard announcing that they are going to lay an egg then all the way to the nest they chatter on about the egg. Then when the egg arrives... they jump up and run around in the yard just a cackling about laying the egg. They never see the egg afterwards unless they are in the setting mood then just you try to get that egg out from under them. No ruler slapped on the hand could hold a candle to that feeling. A setting hen can put more power behind her beak than a sledge hammer when it comes to trying to take her egg out from under her. My oldest brother told me to help him gather the eggs one day. He went to one side gathering eggs and left me on the other side to get those. I was feeling pretty good about helping do chores....until I spied ole peckedy peck sitting on a nest. I thought I would get out of taking her eggs but oh no nothing doing, no such luck. He made me try to sneak my hand around to the back side telling me she couldn't see me taking it that way. He never said anything about her feeling me stealing her egg though. And feel it "I" did. Right on the back of my hand. Instant recoil on my part. That setting hen had done pecked the hide off my hand. My older brother was laughing so hard at me that he almost dropped his ten quart water bucket of eggs. At that point I decided he would not get the best of me and I picked up an egg to throw at him. He stopped me in mid air with "If you break one on me you'll get a whipping." That was effective enough to make me gently place the egg back in the pan I held. The idea of feeling that on my back side was enough to make me want to pretend nothing had happened. But I told him "I'll get you back for that one day just you wait and see" With all that goes on on a farm I soon lost track of getting him back until he wanted me to gather eggs for him so he could do something else more fun. I told him no I won't because ole peckedy peck will hurt me again. We went back and forth with him trying to get me to gather the eggs for him and to his displeasure I stood my ground. He knew something I didn't at that point though. He didn't have to try to take her eggs out from her any more as they were soon to hatch. So my getting back at him was short lived and he set a new record for gathering eggs. I guess he wanted to go real bad to work that fast. My older brother was what I called a pestercator. He would pester me to no end picking on me always pinching or poking or getting me hurt by telling me the hogs are coming right behind us when we were out at the cow pen giving them fresh water. One time when he said that I took off running so fast and wasn't looking far enough ahead that I ran right into the barb wired fence that kept the cows out of the mud puddle for the hogs. My left eye met barb just under the eyebrow and I got a hair splitting cut right through the middle of my eye brow. I felt bad that he ended up getting a whipping over that but I also felt he deserved it. Right now I'm feeling
more true stories about my growing up on the farm can wait for another time. Until then I remain ........... Just This...Alice

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Adding Buttons

Thanks for Bethany's help in getting this done the correct way.