Wednesday, April 28, 2010

The results

Way Out Wednesday

I went way out and got an old window to paint a picture on for my daughter. Now I must admit that it has been about 25 years since I painted any pictures. I put on a base coat let it dry then started my picture. Lovely blue sky with a few fluffy white clouds, water that would rival any ocean color and waves that looked like they would roll right off the painting onto me, sand with the feel of the beach on my finger tips made it realistic. Then I discovered I had the window upside down. All I said was "Crud" and laid the brush down in the cup of water and left the room. After getting a bite to eat and calming myself, I took my metal spatula with me armed to rectify my mistake. I took that spatula in hand gazed at teh painstakingly work I had finished and started scraping it off. It had dried by this time and came off relatively easy. Thank you Lord for that. I then turned the window to the correct position and proceeded to paint it again. First teh base coat and letting it dry was my agenda for the afternoon. A couple of days went by before I touched it again. That day I did the sky and the following day teh ocean. A few more days went by and when I sat before it once more, I was not happy with the work I had done. I left teh paint on and started over with the sky leaving the top part as it was. Then I went back into the ocean and did waves. Too tired to continue I took a break for another few days.And it turned into more of the same stuff over and over again. On Monday I decided I was going to Just do it and set our my materials and stared at it and said " Lord I need your help as I can't seem to do this myself. I felt such a calm and started painting and when I was done with it I cried.

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Perils With Posting Pictures

The last picture did not show the comment explaining what it was and I tried another comment box and it didn't show either. As I am getting at my limit for the day I must retire for the night. I am still learning how to do this blogging so please forgive the mistakes I am making. I have a cell phone that is not in service that I charge up and use for a camera now. I took the photos at my daughters house one day and learned to upload them to my computer myself. There is so much work in doing this and I just do it as I am able. I am hoping I can get someone to film me making my ribbon birds one day. Thank you for your patience in getting a look at some of my creations. God is good to me and I couldn't do anything without his help. Til later it's Just This...Alice

Large toilet paper roll holder

Troubling Tuesday

It has been a while since I have been able to get back here to update. I had a wonderful Easter with family. I enjoyed the grandchildren hunting eggs. I went to my grandsons 7th birthday party and he had a blast with all the gifts he received. My youngest daughter came over and planted my pots and log for me with flowers. It looks so nice. She brought over some red mulch and I was sleeping and didn't hear her ring the door bell. I felt bad about missing the chance for a good visit with her and my grandaughter. The weather has been so nice lately and I love sitting on the porch in the rocking chair watching the birds fly around gathering the makings for their spring nests. I filled the birdbath for them then had to get back inside.I can't be outside very long away from my oxygen so every time I want to go out I have to make sure it is only for a little while. Another daughter told me about her Sunday. A day that promised to be one of sunshine and joy quickly turned into devestation. My daughter lost her purse on the way to church and had severallll hundred dollars in it. Even with reporting it there has been no sign of its return. That much money could buy the wrong person a whole lot of drugs in this town. She had her important cards etc. canceled. The authorities were sympathetic but cautioned that it would be very rare for its return. This is a woman that bends over backwards and lets her home go in order to help others. Such a loving, giving person and many prayers are going out for her to recover her purse.

I have done a few things like make some bathroom containers for a friend and I made a couple of pillowcase dresses for each of my grandaughters. One set was made from two hankerchiefs each and another was made with a half yard of fabric each. It only takes one roll of grosgrain ribbon to make one. I've made a couple of baby quilts and still have two more to make.
My middle daughters birthday is 4 days after Mothers Day and I have started a painting on an old window of a beach scene for her living room. Today I painted the sand and while it was wet I took pinches of beach sand and sprinkled it on the beach. She loves turtles and I once made her a quilt of a mother turtle and babies going into the ocean at night. She has it hanging in her sons nursery. The quilt I made for her daughter is hanging on the wall in her room. Even though it takes me a long time to do something I just do what I can to keep going.I have my rest periods and use my oxygen even while I am working on something. I do wish I could post pictures on here of what I have made so someone else could benefit from learning how to do a few things they might like to have in their own home.I was able to put a few pictures on my Face Book page and I am going to try to put those on here if it works. I just tried to add the picture of the Rose petal dress I made and it didn't work. Sorry.Maybe later but until then I'm Just This....Alice