Friday, December 31, 2010

Goodbye to my daughter, her family, and 2010

December 31,2020. This evening I said goodbye to my middle daughter and her two children. This week I helped her pack up her household the best I could. Today the trucks came and she brought the children over to stay at my place til they were ready to leave. I cherish the time I had with them today as it will be a long time before I see them again. I was sad for awhile then reflected on many things about how good this move is for her family and thought who am I to wish different about their leaving. I rejoice in the position my son in law is filling. My daughter will continue being a sahm and that is a wonderful arrangement. I will indeed miss them greatly yet visiting will be so sweet and I have that to look forward to.

Reflecting on the year 2010.... There were many moments of joy with some moments of sadness. Did I accomplish everything I planned to for 2010? No I am even slower than before. Did I go out more than last year? No I went out less as it becomes more difficult to get out and about. But I will continue to go as much as I am able.
In December I made some more gifts for my family for Christmas. My daughter came and helped me decorate my space for the Christmas decorations contest which we won first prize. This was my gift for Christmas from my daughter. Oh the joy of Christmas and the little ones. We had a wonderful dinner and opened gifts. My oldest grandson told me that he didn't know I was going to get him what I did. He opened his scarf first and thought it was all he would get. I surprised him with one of the toys I heard him say he wanted so much. My grandaughters loved their dolls and scarfs. The youngest grandson who turned one loved his toy and his mom and dad loved the bibs I made for him. I shall just simply say everyone enjoyed and liked the presents. What did I get? The love of family around me. Pictures, candles, smell good stuff, clothes, books, and a whole lot of hugs.

I do enjoy getting out when I go with my girls even though it is hard on me. We went to the mall in November and I found some wonderful items for gifts that didn't break the As we took a break and had a nice lunch, I presented each of my daughters with surprise gift to let them know how much I love and appreciate them.They didn't cost very much but it was something that would remind them of us and our time together. November is also the month my son's dog passed away from some kind of quick cancer. My son found a quarter sized spot on her neck and took her to the vet and learned of her fate. Within three weeks the cancer had grown to the size of a softball. My son had time to make peace with her passing and laid her to rest. I referred to her as my grandchildog.

October was a very warm fall for us for the most part. It was also the month we signed our new lease for the apartment my sister and I live in. I loved the photos of the grandchildren in their costumes as they were trick or treating.

September brings nothing to mind at the moment of any eventful happenings.

August was my youngest daughters birthday.

July was my oldest daughters birthday,

June passed right on by me.

May is my middle daughters birthday and also my birthday.

April was when my youngest daughter brought flowers and planted my pots for me. It was beautiful and got many compliments.

March, Feb.,and January were the beginning of the year and sorry to say with the exception of my son's birthday have been forgotten.

Back to now and the clock ticking toward the year ending. Will I stay up and watch the new year come in? That is way beyond this ole gal's bedtime. I think I'll have a little cranberry juice and toast to the happy event and go to bed and let the old year show itself out and the New Year find its own way in. Will I make resolutions for the new year? They don't seem to work out so I'll just say I will try my best to be and do the best I can be in 2011. For the moment I think that's enough. Until next time I remain Just This...Alice