Friday, December 31, 2010

Goodbye to my daughter, her family, and 2010

December 31,2020. This evening I said goodbye to my middle daughter and her two children. This week I helped her pack up her household the best I could. Today the trucks came and she brought the children over to stay at my place til they were ready to leave. I cherish the time I had with them today as it will be a long time before I see them again. I was sad for awhile then reflected on many things about how good this move is for her family and thought who am I to wish different about their leaving. I rejoice in the position my son in law is filling. My daughter will continue being a sahm and that is a wonderful arrangement. I will indeed miss them greatly yet visiting will be so sweet and I have that to look forward to.

Reflecting on the year 2010.... There were many moments of joy with some moments of sadness. Did I accomplish everything I planned to for 2010? No I am even slower than before. Did I go out more than last year? No I went out less as it becomes more difficult to get out and about. But I will continue to go as much as I am able.
In December I made some more gifts for my family for Christmas. My daughter came and helped me decorate my space for the Christmas decorations contest which we won first prize. This was my gift for Christmas from my daughter. Oh the joy of Christmas and the little ones. We had a wonderful dinner and opened gifts. My oldest grandson told me that he didn't know I was going to get him what I did. He opened his scarf first and thought it was all he would get. I surprised him with one of the toys I heard him say he wanted so much. My grandaughters loved their dolls and scarfs. The youngest grandson who turned one loved his toy and his mom and dad loved the bibs I made for him. I shall just simply say everyone enjoyed and liked the presents. What did I get? The love of family around me. Pictures, candles, smell good stuff, clothes, books, and a whole lot of hugs.

I do enjoy getting out when I go with my girls even though it is hard on me. We went to the mall in November and I found some wonderful items for gifts that didn't break the As we took a break and had a nice lunch, I presented each of my daughters with surprise gift to let them know how much I love and appreciate them.They didn't cost very much but it was something that would remind them of us and our time together. November is also the month my son's dog passed away from some kind of quick cancer. My son found a quarter sized spot on her neck and took her to the vet and learned of her fate. Within three weeks the cancer had grown to the size of a softball. My son had time to make peace with her passing and laid her to rest. I referred to her as my grandchildog.

October was a very warm fall for us for the most part. It was also the month we signed our new lease for the apartment my sister and I live in. I loved the photos of the grandchildren in their costumes as they were trick or treating.

September brings nothing to mind at the moment of any eventful happenings.

August was my youngest daughters birthday.

July was my oldest daughters birthday,

June passed right on by me.

May is my middle daughters birthday and also my birthday.

April was when my youngest daughter brought flowers and planted my pots for me. It was beautiful and got many compliments.

March, Feb.,and January were the beginning of the year and sorry to say with the exception of my son's birthday have been forgotten.

Back to now and the clock ticking toward the year ending. Will I stay up and watch the new year come in? That is way beyond this ole gal's bedtime. I think I'll have a little cranberry juice and toast to the happy event and go to bed and let the old year show itself out and the New Year find its own way in. Will I make resolutions for the new year? They don't seem to work out so I'll just say I will try my best to be and do the best I can be in 2011. For the moment I think that's enough. Until next time I remain Just This...Alice

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Sometimes things just don't turn out like we want them to. I brought out my converter and photo card to try some photos on here. Someone and that was probably me moved it and now it has been some time since it has been misplaced. So no photos til it's found or I buy a new one. Until then another story from my youth.
This time of year we would always go to the Coast for fish with roe in them. About 4:00 a.m. I would get up with my dad and start breakfast. Grits, sausage, eggs, and of course biscuits were prepared and we all sat around the table. After teh blessing we all ate and back in that day there was no talking allowed or the offender would get a quick backhand from whichever parent that was the closest. It was a quick cleanup afterward then packing all we needed for the trip. Mr. Wes and Ms. Alfie would come chugging up the drive in the old pickup truck they drove. Mr. Wes had a wooden leg and wasn't to quick to get around but he sure could tell us how and where to put the items we kids carried out to the truck. A couple of #3 washtubs, #2 washtubs, foot tubs, went in first. Everything was stacked accordingly to conserve space.Cast iron skillits, cast iron kettle, grease for cooking and dreams of a fishfry on the way back home out in the Chinkipen (sp) forrest as we called it. We were a family of 9 total. Loading up to go was a given. The 4 adults and the youngest child rode up front. The rest of us rode in the back with all the stuff we were taking with up plus we all had a quilt to wrap around us to stay warm. It seemed to help that there were sideboards surrounding us to keep us from falling out. It can be bitterly cold to ride in the back of a truck in November when it is cold for Florida. Pa and Mr. Wes would check to make sure everything was secure. Then they would get in the front and off we would be. We would head out to the dirt road and turn south to hit the highway. There was a shortcut to get further down the road on SR51 and that is how we went. In the predawn of the day we in the back could hear all kinds of sounds. My aggrevating brother would call out watch out for that hawk he's comming after you when we hit a low hanging limb. Of course this would cause us girls to quickly cover our heads with our quilts and remain that way til it was good and daylight. When we would arrive at the coast, we would all pile out of the truck and there were many that would look our way and whisper. When we started pulling the tubs and buckets out they showed us the whites of their eyes very well. We children were allowed to walk off the boardwalk down to the waters edge and look for shells. Sometimes there would be funny looking things in the wake of the high tide. Once there was this funny looking fish that looked like a kite to me (I later learned it was a stingray) and of course it was the perfect opportunity for Buddy to get one over on me. He told me it was just a dead fish and to pick it up by its tail. I picked the thing up and got a swift shock that ran from my hand down to my feet. I slung that thing down and went into some kind of a fit jumping around and kicking. When I finally settled down and could move again I went over and whallopped Buddy on his arm so hard he fell over. After that I stayed in the little shack where they were selling the fish. It didn't take long to get everything taken care of either. The tubs were set out and a layer of ice went down then a layer of fish and on and on till it was full with ice being the last layer. Then we took some tobacco sheets and tide them around the tubs to keep the wind off the ice. We loaded up again and were on our way once more. We took a side road on the way back and found a little clearing and parked. We were all given jobs to do and all went smoothly for the most part. Mama and Ms. Alfie were cooking the cleaned fish, grits,pork n beans, and hush puppies in no time. Pa took us kids out in the Chinkipins and we started gathering them. Those things had some kind of armor on them. If you weren't careful they would hurt your fingers. There were prickly points all over them. It was like picking up giant sand spurs and I was so glad when Pa said that ought to be enough. Of course Buddy had his devilment self up to no good when he hollered watch out Alice there goes a snake. Well I did the snake dance for him and ended up falling in a patch of those Chinkipins and hollered like that invisible snake done bit me. We made it back over to the campfire and Mama and Mrs. Alfie was dishing up tin plates to the rim with food. That was some of the best eating I can think of for an outing for the family. Of course we had to clean up and load up once again for the trip home. I was never so glad as when Buddy fell asleep. Oh what a peaceful ride I had home. I enjoyed that very much. After arriving home and unloading everyone and everything, we got to work cleaning the fish and preparing them for the freezer. I had learned at an early age to do the chores associated with living on a farm without being a sissy about it. My sisters were either smarter than me or wimps cause they would get out of it every time. I won't go into any details about the chore but it took all afternoon til just after dark to finish. We ate some supper and then Mr. Wes and Mrs. Alfie loded up their share and went home and we put ours in the freezer. Since Pa didn't want varmits comming around after the fish remains we had a bonfire and raked everything up in a pile and shoveled it onto the fire. Then it was time to wash up and get ready for bed. We didn't have an indoor bathroom so we had pans of water on a shelf that we would take a sponge bath out of. It was a good feeling to lay down and go to sleep that night. Until next time I leave you with Just This...Alice

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Test for Tutorial

The book is finished and I am going to try to add pictures along with the directions. If it doesn't work I may need some help. Until then I remain Just This....Alice

Tuesday, September 14, 2010


Wow what a day. Got discharged from home care, cut out fabric for some pillow case dresses, made supper and now I am exhausted.
So here goes the tasteful part. I used Shake and Bake Barbecue on center cut pork chops with as much fat as possible removed. I preheated the oven to 350 while I prepared the chops. The directions say to wet the meat but this time I didn't. I wet the boneless chicken breasts the first time I used the product and it just clumped and stuck to the sides of the bag. I hate wasting anything so this time I emptied the pouch onto a plate and after washing the chops, I let them drain as I was trimming the fat. I took a chop and layed it across the Shake and Bake and then turned it over as needed to make sure it was coated well. Then I put it in a 9X11 inch glass baking dish. I repeated for all 4 of my chops then put them in the oven. I got a simple recipe for Broccoli casserole off,Here is the recipe as written: 2 pkgs. frozen broccoli
1can mushroom soup
3/4 cup mayonnaise
2 Tablespoons minced onion
2 cups cheddar cheese shredded
2 beaten eggs
1/3 cup butter
Cook broccoli and drain. Beat eggs and add soup, mayonnaise, and onion. Add broccoli and shredded cheese and mix well. Put in a greased casserole dish. Top with crackers and bake at 350 degrees for 20 minutes or til top starts to brown.

This is how I tweaked it:
2 bundles of fresh Broccoli heads cooked and drained
1 can of cream of celery soup
3/4 cup of Kraft mayonnaise
2 cups of extra sharp cheddar cheese shredded
2 beaten eggs
1/2 package of seasoned croutons

In a large bowl I added cream of celery soup,mayonnaise,beaten eggs. I mixed this together then added the shredded cheese and mixed. I then added the broccoli and gently mixed together. I poured it into a 9X11 glass baking pan I prepared with cooking spray. I crushed the croutons while still in the bag with my rolling pin. Then I sprinkled them over the top and put in the oven timing it so both my BBQ'd pork and it would be done at the same time. I sliced some tomato and cucumber and put it in a small bowl and poured about a cup of white vinegar on it and tossed then refrigerated it til supper was done in the oven. Placing 1 pork chop on a plate and a large spoon of broccoli casserole next to it, I added a couple of slices of tomato and about 6 slices of cucumber to the plate. It tasted so good. We now have the rest put up in the freezer for dinner another day. I just love cooking for today and another day at the same time. It saves time when I can pop it in the microwave and tell my sister dinner will be ready in a couple of minutes.
Tomorrow my daughter is bring her two over to visit with me so she can go walking around the Sports Complex track across the road from me. Until then I remain Just This... Alice

Monday, September 13, 2010

This is a picture of two of my daughters when I had the Maxwellhouse Velveeta party. They came a little early to help with getting everything together. The problem is several photos were taken prior to the guests arrival and then we were too busy to take any more. We had such a fun time.

If this works, I can say I at least dit this right one time. If I got it right I will certainly try more posts with photos. This is just a test to see if I am doing this right so don't think I've finally lost it alltogether. LOL

Friday, September 3, 2010

Frugal Friday

I don't know how many people shop at the Dollar General Store but today I did. Talk about bargains. A nice blouse $4.00, knee shorts $4.00, socks $1.00, sandals I already have. So for around $10.00 I have a nice outfit for Monday. I love being frugal with my shopping. I simply refuse to pay full price for anything like this. They even have some groceries. All my cream of chicken, celery,mushroom soups were 2/$1.00. Beat that WalMart.
Now that I have mentioned WalMart here I go......I absolutely hate what they are doing to the store here. They are taking away the craft department. So many older women are in need of a fabric store here and that is what I wrote them about a year ago when this same thing came up. They will not stop til they have a monopoly on shopping in small city's like the one I live in. Some time back we could go to WalMart and sit in the little radio diner and have a light lunch or just a drink and snack to tide us over while shopping. They took that away. Never mind elderly and disabled people need a break during many tasks such as this. I see they are even taking away some of the benches elderly people would sit on while waiting for their family to finish their own checking out after helping them shop. WalMart gets no stars from me for their store. Today I chose not to go there for anything. Our one local vegetable/fruit stand got my business and I got better quality fresh local food. I will get my meats and frozen foods later as I have to break up my shopping due to my condition.
Being on a fixed income causes people to make choices of how they spend their money. Housing and monthly bills come first then groceries. If there is anything left is isn't for entertainment it would be for the medicines they have to have. I never realized how hard people had it until it happened to me. When the money runs out that's it and there is no more til the next deposit from SSD. But through this comes the silver lining....we don't have to worry about what movie to watch or where to go out to eat or if we will go to the ball game on Friday night. There is no money in the budget for that and I am certainly OK with it. I have learned why older people like staying home so much. The madhouse rush for everything in life. We can't move that fast anymore so we get in the slow lane and when that gets too fast we park it. We might venture out for an occasional ice cream cone and drive up and down the main streets in town for a little bit of fun on a school night...gas in the car permitting. Then it's home for the time being.
You might ask how do older people spend their time at home. Time flies when you are older because we forget what day it is a lot of the time. Go to bed for a little nap and wake up thinking it's the next day. Some people work on making quilts and other craft work. Now as far as I know and from what I have seen men just putter around from one thing to the other without accomplishing very much. The most fun thing to do and I find myself doing this at times which is to go back in time in our minds and think about all that we have done and where we've been and who we've seen and realize that it really didn't mean as much as we thought it did back then.
Think about the elderly people who live in your neighborhood and try to be kind to them and if you are inclined to go walking and see them sitting on their porch, they would probably love to have you walk up to the porch and let them know who you are and as their neighbor you would like to visit for a few minutes. You may have took 5 minutes out of your walk but the gift you just gave them was worth more than gold or silver because you made them feel like someone cared enough about them to stop and say hi. Being old is a lonely thing and many of us haven't learned how to cope with the challenges of growing old. Today I feel older than I am after having to go out. Tomorrow I will still feel old because I am. lol Til the next time I remain Just This...Alice

Friday, August 20, 2010

Feeling Friday

This is one of those days when I'm feeling it. Sometimes days, weeks, months may go by before I feel it. Here it is the middle of the night for me and I sit before the computer feeling it. Do I dare go out to get it this late at night or do I sit and fight feeling it. I sometimes get lucky and may already have it close by. Sometimes I can talk myself out of it. Then there comes the times I can't get around it and have to have it no matter what because I am feeling it so strongly. This time it is decided for me. I can not go out and get what I am feeling a craving so much for, chocolate ice cream.
Now that was a lot of words for nothing I would think. Wouldn't it have been so much easier to say "I am sitting here in the middle of the night craving chocolate ice cream." WOW!!!!! what a waste of space to chatter on and on about nothing. Reminds me of the hens before they lay an egg. They cluck around the yard announcing that they are going to lay an egg then all the way to the nest they chatter on about the egg. Then when the egg arrives... they jump up and run around in the yard just a cackling about laying the egg. They never see the egg afterwards unless they are in the setting mood then just you try to get that egg out from under them. No ruler slapped on the hand could hold a candle to that feeling. A setting hen can put more power behind her beak than a sledge hammer when it comes to trying to take her egg out from under her. My oldest brother told me to help him gather the eggs one day. He went to one side gathering eggs and left me on the other side to get those. I was feeling pretty good about helping do chores....until I spied ole peckedy peck sitting on a nest. I thought I would get out of taking her eggs but oh no nothing doing, no such luck. He made me try to sneak my hand around to the back side telling me she couldn't see me taking it that way. He never said anything about her feeling me stealing her egg though. And feel it "I" did. Right on the back of my hand. Instant recoil on my part. That setting hen had done pecked the hide off my hand. My older brother was laughing so hard at me that he almost dropped his ten quart water bucket of eggs. At that point I decided he would not get the best of me and I picked up an egg to throw at him. He stopped me in mid air with "If you break one on me you'll get a whipping." That was effective enough to make me gently place the egg back in the pan I held. The idea of feeling that on my back side was enough to make me want to pretend nothing had happened. But I told him "I'll get you back for that one day just you wait and see" With all that goes on on a farm I soon lost track of getting him back until he wanted me to gather eggs for him so he could do something else more fun. I told him no I won't because ole peckedy peck will hurt me again. We went back and forth with him trying to get me to gather the eggs for him and to his displeasure I stood my ground. He knew something I didn't at that point though. He didn't have to try to take her eggs out from her any more as they were soon to hatch. So my getting back at him was short lived and he set a new record for gathering eggs. I guess he wanted to go real bad to work that fast. My older brother was what I called a pestercator. He would pester me to no end picking on me always pinching or poking or getting me hurt by telling me the hogs are coming right behind us when we were out at the cow pen giving them fresh water. One time when he said that I took off running so fast and wasn't looking far enough ahead that I ran right into the barb wired fence that kept the cows out of the mud puddle for the hogs. My left eye met barb just under the eyebrow and I got a hair splitting cut right through the middle of my eye brow. I felt bad that he ended up getting a whipping over that but I also felt he deserved it. Right now I'm feeling
more true stories about my growing up on the farm can wait for another time. Until then I remain ........... Just This...Alice

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Adding Buttons

Thanks for Bethany's help in getting this done the correct way.

Sunday, July 25, 2010


Hello Everyone, I have been missing in action for some time now and must apologize for that. Had a computer problem and could not find my way back here as my home page was deleted by the tech support. I have it written down and in a safe place now. I have also had a lot of inspiration from the many blogs I follow. Since I just drew a blank after thinking of Janet and captains daughter I forgot the rest. I must do some research and make a list so I can do this properly. I still have not figured out how to post pictures with the steps to make a tutorial so I can't share the ribbon birds yet. I can only take a picture to show you. It will go on another page of this blog with a comment explaining the story behind it.
I have been enjoying Face Book and reconnecting with old friends and extended family. My son has given me the gift of seeing his photos he has taken in the Adirondacks through FBI. I get to see pictures of my grandchildren that I haven't seen before. We all know how busy Mom's are.
Now to the picture on the window... My daughter put it on her fireplace mantle with two different starfish sitting with it. Her beach theme is now complete. She LOVED it and that made me feel so good knowing that I gave her something that will still be here when I am gone. As with all the gifts I make my children and grandchildren. That is what means the most to loved ones. Not the stuff we buy out of the stores that cost a fortune but the simple things that we make from the heart is what makes them remember out gift. I usually start very early for Christmas gift making to get everyone taken care of. I found a tutorial for those biscuit quilts(that is what I knew them as back then).I could never figure out the directions as they were printed so I never made one and I have a daughter that wanted one so bad. I saw part 1 of the project and knew I can do this now.I also found what I have been waiting for so long. The answer to a question I asked a sweet lady who went to Africa. I have been waiting so long and she answered me here where I couldn't get back to til now.:) There is a reason I know and now I can start on that project. There are children there that have needs that we take for granted. I am so thankful I was led to her blog as an answer to prayer. I have prayed for a long time for God to lead me to where he wants me to use his gift and do something for children. I read her comment and now I am certain this is the will of God that put us in contact with each other. You know a gift is not a gift until you give it away. I want to give as much as I can.
Well I hope you all understand that I didn't mean to neglect this blog and will continue a weekly posting with a few extra sprinkled in here and there. Until the next time I leave you with Just This...Alice

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

The results

Way Out Wednesday

I went way out and got an old window to paint a picture on for my daughter. Now I must admit that it has been about 25 years since I painted any pictures. I put on a base coat let it dry then started my picture. Lovely blue sky with a few fluffy white clouds, water that would rival any ocean color and waves that looked like they would roll right off the painting onto me, sand with the feel of the beach on my finger tips made it realistic. Then I discovered I had the window upside down. All I said was "Crud" and laid the brush down in the cup of water and left the room. After getting a bite to eat and calming myself, I took my metal spatula with me armed to rectify my mistake. I took that spatula in hand gazed at teh painstakingly work I had finished and started scraping it off. It had dried by this time and came off relatively easy. Thank you Lord for that. I then turned the window to the correct position and proceeded to paint it again. First teh base coat and letting it dry was my agenda for the afternoon. A couple of days went by before I touched it again. That day I did the sky and the following day teh ocean. A few more days went by and when I sat before it once more, I was not happy with the work I had done. I left teh paint on and started over with the sky leaving the top part as it was. Then I went back into the ocean and did waves. Too tired to continue I took a break for another few days.And it turned into more of the same stuff over and over again. On Monday I decided I was going to Just do it and set our my materials and stared at it and said " Lord I need your help as I can't seem to do this myself. I felt such a calm and started painting and when I was done with it I cried.

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Perils With Posting Pictures

The last picture did not show the comment explaining what it was and I tried another comment box and it didn't show either. As I am getting at my limit for the day I must retire for the night. I am still learning how to do this blogging so please forgive the mistakes I am making. I have a cell phone that is not in service that I charge up and use for a camera now. I took the photos at my daughters house one day and learned to upload them to my computer myself. There is so much work in doing this and I just do it as I am able. I am hoping I can get someone to film me making my ribbon birds one day. Thank you for your patience in getting a look at some of my creations. God is good to me and I couldn't do anything without his help. Til later it's Just This...Alice

Large toilet paper roll holder

Troubling Tuesday

It has been a while since I have been able to get back here to update. I had a wonderful Easter with family. I enjoyed the grandchildren hunting eggs. I went to my grandsons 7th birthday party and he had a blast with all the gifts he received. My youngest daughter came over and planted my pots and log for me with flowers. It looks so nice. She brought over some red mulch and I was sleeping and didn't hear her ring the door bell. I felt bad about missing the chance for a good visit with her and my grandaughter. The weather has been so nice lately and I love sitting on the porch in the rocking chair watching the birds fly around gathering the makings for their spring nests. I filled the birdbath for them then had to get back inside.I can't be outside very long away from my oxygen so every time I want to go out I have to make sure it is only for a little while. Another daughter told me about her Sunday. A day that promised to be one of sunshine and joy quickly turned into devestation. My daughter lost her purse on the way to church and had severallll hundred dollars in it. Even with reporting it there has been no sign of its return. That much money could buy the wrong person a whole lot of drugs in this town. She had her important cards etc. canceled. The authorities were sympathetic but cautioned that it would be very rare for its return. This is a woman that bends over backwards and lets her home go in order to help others. Such a loving, giving person and many prayers are going out for her to recover her purse.

I have done a few things like make some bathroom containers for a friend and I made a couple of pillowcase dresses for each of my grandaughters. One set was made from two hankerchiefs each and another was made with a half yard of fabric each. It only takes one roll of grosgrain ribbon to make one. I've made a couple of baby quilts and still have two more to make.
My middle daughters birthday is 4 days after Mothers Day and I have started a painting on an old window of a beach scene for her living room. Today I painted the sand and while it was wet I took pinches of beach sand and sprinkled it on the beach. She loves turtles and I once made her a quilt of a mother turtle and babies going into the ocean at night. She has it hanging in her sons nursery. The quilt I made for her daughter is hanging on the wall in her room. Even though it takes me a long time to do something I just do what I can to keep going.I have my rest periods and use my oxygen even while I am working on something. I do wish I could post pictures on here of what I have made so someone else could benefit from learning how to do a few things they might like to have in their own home.I was able to put a few pictures on my Face Book page and I am going to try to put those on here if it works. I just tried to add the picture of the Rose petal dress I made and it didn't work. Sorry.Maybe later but until then I'm Just This....Alice

Monday, March 22, 2010

Messy Monday

Today I am frustrated about trying to upload pictures. I have some to share of things I have made and seem inept at displaying them. Having a hard time with this project and must leave for now. Hope everyone has a great week. I will continue to wait for the assistance of a family member to help with my photos unless I can somehow do it on my own one day. Until the I leave you with Just This... Alice

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Trying Tuesday

Some time has gone by since I have posted anything. Things happen and we go with the flow in order to make it in this world.
I am certainly looking forward to Springs arrival. These cold days and nights are having its toll on my body as well as everyone else.
I was invited to Face Book by my son in New York as a way to keep in touch with him and see all his wonderful pictures. I am in the process of having a book made for him of his pictures. The only problem I am having is I love them all and as he adds new ones it makes my dilemma even worse. I have to pick out the best ones to include in the book. LOL. Ever have to do that with so many pictures that are great? He will be so surprised when he gets it. I am even including my grandchildog in it. He is having so much fun skiing right now and this is where he is getting his awesome photos from.
My teacher daughter is so looking forward to teaching again next year at her present location. She has a great class of kindergartners. I always worry about her commute and her safety while driving. There have been so many accidents and deaths lately that I can't help myself thinking of her traveling back and forth. She is so giddy about teaching and I guess it comes from the little ones. Getting on their level has a way of showing up at the most unwanted times for her. But we just laugh with her and chalk it up to loving her work.
Another daughter got her publications distributed yesterday and I was fortunate to see my grandson for a couple of hours. He is growing in leaps and bounds. The day will come when I will get some pictures on here. I am still learning and almost there. I am so thankful that she is teaching me about computers and pictures. I know she is a very busy woman and does a lot then adds teaching me into the list of things to do this week. She also takes some beautiful pictures. Actually all my children do but I don't have very many of them.
My youngest daughter has been renovating their home and her husband is so helpful with his input and works right along with her on it. he is a hard working man then does that when he is off. They have a beautiful place about 10 miles from me. We all live in the same town but not too close to be uncomfortable. She called me today and her and the 3 year old are having such fun in the sun today swinging. I could hear her giggles and had a visual of them in my mind. It won't be long til they clean out the fish pool and plant flowers around it.
I love the idea of planting flowers but am limited in doing so now. I am fortunate to have a few photos of my gardens from days gone by. i must go to WalMart and find a very large planter that has room for a 22 inch root length for my peony start I just got. It is supposed to have a lovely scent to it and I am looking forward to seeing it grow.
well my all in one printer is installed and my next lesson is to scan pictures to put on my computer. I am looking forward to that. My efforts at organizing my craft stuff is paying off and I will soon be able to craft something once again. I just don't know if I can manage the pictures and layout to do so. There is just so much to learn to make a better Blog than I am doing now. I hope I am up to the task of executing what I learn when the time comes. I forget so many steps and have to keep trying. Some day I will get it right and be able to do it on my own.
Until then I remain Just This...Alice

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Sweet Saturday

How sweet it is to see the sun again after so much rain. Many people are talking about cabin fever this time of the year.
I will agree that it has been rather gloomy at times this winter yet I like so many others have that situation all year. I never thought about if people got out or had to stay in as it was not something I had any experience with before. Well now I do and it is sad to know that people don't care to see you in public or about run you over if you have the nerve to go into a store and get in their way. I always respected and offered to help if I saw a disabled person struggling to reach something from a shelf. When I am out and about using my rolling walker I venture into the local WalMart and see many people darting in and out of disabled people's way. I have seen someone reach right over and push a little older lady out of their way because they were in a hurry after working all day. Saying something in the older lady's defense merited an abrupt "it's not like you people do anything you have all the time in the world to shop." Don't you know my blood boiled at that remark. I had to respond with my own, "it's people like her that worked so hard and made it easier for people like you to have a job today. And don't think that you will be the exception to the rule and won't be in her shoes one day because your turn will be here before you know it. I hope you think about today when someone pushes you because they are in a hurry and don't have time for people like us when that day arrives." I just had to run my mouth didn't I? I can't stand seeing people being mean to disabled people. I was raised with manners and principles along with standards and you respect elderly people. My theory has always been that they have worked to make our country what it is today albeit their tax dollars have been misused along the way by government officials. They have suffered much more than we have to make ends meet and survive in the world. I do get hot under the collar when I see someone mistreating the elderly people today.

It is time for me to get off that train and onto another. This time I headed north to the Whiteface Mountain area. My son lives near there and has been sending me some of the most beautiful pictures he has taken of the scenery. It almost makes me want to be there in it. If I knew how to add a picture on here I would share some awesome pictures of God's creation I have ever seen for something so cold. He lives in a little cabin among the majestic mountains of the adirondacks. His woodpile for one week is much bigger than anything I ever used to stay warm. It was only one degree before it was even winter. I don't know the below zero temp yet to share. Poor Two Spots has to wear a coat to even go outside to use the bathroom. Such a sweet dog too. I must remember to give him the recipe for snow icecream as he was six the last time he had it. He's close to forty now. I hope there is a way I can make it to see him up there this summer.

My oldest daughter has confirmation of staying at her current school to teach next year. Thank you Lord! Sometimes teaching can be a thankless job and I truly admire all the teachers out there that have given so much of themselves to try and make something out of societys children when the parents don't care to teach them the things that they should be teaching at home. The world is full of self absorbed people and I feel sorry for them. True happiness is found in what is seen as the little things in life. I have always thought that life is what we make it. We shouldn't depend on someone else to do the work for us. Although the class my daughter has requires a lot of extra care, she has it to give. I am thankful for her husband who supports her in her role as a teacher and helps as he can with the extras. Some people are definately made in the mold of a teacher and I have seen some that are teachers that aren't. I thank God for the teachers that truly care to teach children.

My middle daughter finally has her cake making hobby going. She has a knack for decorating cakes and just hearing a little about the person the cake is for can impliment it into making it something they are stunned to see when it's picked up. She and my youngest daughter came to my rescue the night before my oldest daughter's wedding and helped me finish the cakes by staying up working til 3:00 a.m.the day of the wedding. We were so punch happy one would thing we who don't drink alcolhol were drunk as Scooter Brown. Oh I wish I knew how to upload pics on here. They are in the computer but I just don't know how to do it by myself. This daughter showed me how to add pics to my facebook but I haven't had the lesson for here yet. I think that pictures help so much when reading about something. The proverbial picture is worth a thousand words saying fits here. On to the youngest grandchild which is her son. He has been playing with his hands and just talks lol baby talk to his GMaw. There is a bond with the grands that sometimes they do things for grandparents before they do for parents. She and her husband have While you wait publications and I am the luckiest person come the first week of the month to get to spend time with the baby while they take care of distribution. Her daughter wants me to make her a dress for her birthday in June and keeps asking me where her dress is like the other grandaughters. I have to disapoint her every time and tell her it isn't time to make it yet. It makes me feel like a big meanie too.

My youngest daughter and her husband just redid their den. I must say it is impressive and yes you can make a mobile home look like a house. Their triple wide is so nice and how they are turning it into a modern looking home is awesome. The color scheme in the den is browns. I have had an aversion to that color most of my life. I now have a different opinion to go along with their different look. My daughter removed those tacky strips that join two pieces on the walls and put drywall compound in their place, let it dry, then sanded it. She then put up paintable wallpaper that resembles venetian plaster. When she finished painting it and put everything back in the room I was shocked at the transformation. Yeah Color Splash on HGTV. Thats what gave my daughter the incinitive to take on the task. She watched his shows and got some good ideas. Saved themselves a bundle too. The economy is bringing out the best in a lot of people with imposed limitations on their spending. They only spent under $700. and it looks more like $7,000. She likes the Tuscan look and has the grape theme in her kitchen of the den and the blend is so nice. I thought she might replace the grape arbor hanging from the ceiling in the kitchen but not ready to let it go yet. I made it in 2001 for my home and she wanted it when I lost everything after the accident so she plans on keeping it a while longer.

I am thankful that I am able to write today as it has been a difficult couple of weeks for me. I may not be able to write every day so I think I will commit to every week at least for now. If I am up to writing more I will. I so want to do pictures so I can demonstrate some of my crafts. I think it is so good to share what we know for the younger folks so they can have their lives and homes enriched with the things they make themselves. We can show what we know to help them with the economy as it is and them wanting to have nice homes too. Sharing and caring is what is of help right now and I am thankful we are a nation who cares enough to share. One little thing at a time if that's all we can do will eventually become something big one day. I am so delighted when I can tell someone that compliments something that was shared on a blog that that's where the idea came from. We are so lucky to be able to communicate this way. There was a time as I was growing up we didn't have a phone. We communicated by hollering and the nearest neighbors a fourth a mile away would be able to hear us. I think of how dirt poor we were then and how rich I am now by those standards. I am so very blessed that my life has came down the path it has to a world of richness. I am thankful for the teachings as a child that has me appreciating even the small things in life. They truly are life's richest blessings.
I wish everyone a sweet day tomorrow with their sweethearts whoever/whatever they may be. As for me I don't think of myself being alone as I have family and friends who love me and memories of those no longer here to comfort me.
Until next time I leave you with Just This... Alice

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Tricky Thursday

Someone is playing a trick on me I think because I had made the statement I would not go on a retreat if I came down with a cold. I didn't want the babies attending to catch anything from me. Well during the night I woke with a stuffy nose and was breathing through my mouth instead of my nose to reap the benefits of my oxygen machine. OK so now I have to remain home and honor my word. There is a reason for all things and I receive the message in faith for the purpose not known. I just feel like crud is all. When my sister died 2 days after Thanksgiving, I got sick from the rain during her funeral and it lasted through Christmas and into the new year. i had a blissful 2 weeks of being able to breath through my nose like a normal person. And now this. I guess going out in public has it's risks but a girl has gotta do what a girl has to do to survive. Here we go with the Nettie pot and steam for the sinus again.
Yesterday i went to WalMart to get groceries and had a very difficult time pushing the buggy as well as my rolling walker. It takes me forty forever to get anything done and when I got to the check out i was sitting on the walker seat and felt an arm being placed around my shoulder. Even though it startled me for a moment i was so grateful when I looked up and saw my daughter standing there. She had went to get some medicine for her daughter who had come down with a cold. Bless her heart she called her husband and told him that she had run into me and was going to help me finish as I was looked beat. She loaded all the stuff on the counter and then into the buggy. After checking out she pushed the buggy out to my tracker and loaded it up for me. After a big hug and kiss on the cheek she told me "I love you mom, be careful and have Aunt A. take the stuff in for you." A. is my older sister that lives with me with her own disabilities. I am so blessed to have God send her to me in my hour of need. I could only praise God from whom all blessings flow for that intervention. As I sat there in the parking lot with tears streaming down my cheeks I felt the blessings of having some wonderful children who truly love their mother. Taking motherhood serious and making them your life after a divorce when they are small has its rewards as we grow older. I am so thankful for the blessings I now receive from making that decision so many years ago. Thank you God for the gift of my children.
Today I am resting and not doing much at all. It will all be there for me tomorrow to take care of.
Life has its ups and downs and we must travel with it in order to survive. No one ever said it was going to be easy only worth it when we see the end results of living with a purpose. We must all find our own purpose and embrace it with understanding that we can obtain happiness in the small things.
I so enjoy reading other peoples blogs and there are some very good ones out there. I thank all you who I follow as I receive so much enjoyment from reading your posts. You all touch my life in special ways and I am grateful to have the luxury of a computer in order to find enjoyment in the little things in life as this.
Best Wishes to all.
Until next time I remain, Just This... Alice

Monday, February 1, 2010

Motovating Monday

Motivation..... I have tried so many things to get myself motivated today to do something besides moving from one spot to the next. The weather does some not very nice things to my body and today has been one of those days. To those who read my blog, I apologize for not having anything to read for the past few days. There will be times that I won't be able to update as I'd like to due to health problems.
For tonight I will talk about something from the past.

When I was 4 years old, I stood on a wooden box to hand tobacco to the older girl that strung it on a tobacco stick. Then it would spend time hanging in the tobacco barn to cure which is drying it out in about a week using kerosene to fuel the heaters. Next it was removed from the sticks and put in burlap sheets and tied up in bundles then stored in the pack house until the warehouses opened for auctions. I didn't earn any money doing that as it was working for my dad on our farm. However when I was 6 years old I worked outside the farm and earned $4.00 a day handing tobacco without having to stand on a box. At the end of the summer when it was time to attend the tobacco auction, we all loaded up and the mule was hitched to the wagon and pulled us all into town. The warehouses were on the northwest end of town and when I walked through the big double doors,I saw the most cured tobacco I had ever seen in my life. Mama stayed outside with the 2 youngest ones. I sat on one of the bundles of our tobacco as told to do and watched tobacco bundles move from one place to another as it was graded and sold. Men walked along and the auctioneer called out as the men raised their hands when interested in buying the lot of tobacco for that price from each farmer. They approached out lot and I didn't know what to do so I just sat right there and smiled as sweet as I could at them. The auctioneer said you sure are a pretty little thing. Then he reached into one of the bundles and grabbed a handful and held it up for inspection. He told the buyers that what was in his hand was some of the best looking tobacco he had seen all year. My father returned from doing the paper work and stood watching the price went all the way up to $1.10 a pound for his lot of tobacco that year. Well I got scolded for remaining on the bundle of tobacco during the sale but not too much cause I had stayed where I was told to stay til he got back. The 4 older ones were standing around watching the activity and not me. We then headed over to the stores to buy school clothes. Mama had the money in her pocket book that we had made during the summer. We each had an allotted amount to spend for clothes and that was 5 outfits for school, a dress for church on Sunday, 1 pack of bloomers and 2 pair of shoes, (1 pair for school and 1 pair for church). We wore our old shoes around the house to work in or none at all. For our reward of being good, we stopped at Howlands and got a brown bag of penny candy for 5 cents and an ice cream cone for the ride home. We were in hog heaven riding in that wagon headed home with all out new clothes and such. The rest of the money left over went for essentials not grown on the farm to help us survive through the winter. The year was 1958.
I'm sorry but I have to lie down. So til next time it's Just This.... Alice

Saturday, January 30, 2010

Saving Saturday

Today my daughter came over to help (she did most of the work) organize my craft closet and bedroom. She told me that I couldn't save everything as I didn't have enough room. So I let her take charge and told her that there were things that I had had for a very long time I was not willing to let go of yet. I agreed that I was not as good as her at detaching myself from STUFF and to just keep in mind that I will work on that along and along.
I have in mind to re purpose a lot of things into gifts for family. My old jars with the hinged lids and blue ones with the zinc lids can be used to hold bathroom items, pantry items, and craft pieces and can be embellished accordingly to make pretty is just one idea.

Growing up on the coat tails of the depression necessitated saving everything. I remember being up to my elbows, with lye soap suds and jars washing them in the number three tub, to prepare for another season of putting up (we called it canning) vegetables and fruits to have for the winter. I know there are many many people out there that did this same thing every year on the farm even though it is not as widely practiced today. Personally I feel if we were to practice more of the things today that we did back then life wouldn't be so costly. Fast food ruined the nutritional quality of meals when it became so widespread. I have learned to limit myself to a once a month treat.
Being disabled makes it where a person can't exercise or move about as they did before. I myself put on so much weight that I am ashamed of myself and have spent the last year trying to loose it. I have only managed to loose 52 lbs. I am struggling to keep busy as that is my problem I never sat still before our accident. Taking a break to lie down or sit or walk a few moments does not allow someone to stay on task. This is why it takes me so long to make something. I am a survivor and will be one til I am no more. Life is what me make of it at any given time. Everyone experiences difficulties at some point in life. Being knocked down doesn't mean we ought to stay down. Where there is a will there is always a way. Always! The effort we put into any given thing determines the end results. I just happen to like good results myself.
Well there I rambled on and this is supposed to be about saving Saturday.
I woke up to it raining down south in sunny Florida.LOL It did quit around one o'clock. I did have a good time overall with my daughter and her two children. Little four year old girls can be most helpful at times. Her daddy rewarded her when he came to pick them up. He took her to the park across the road and they flew a kite while the wind was blowing so we could tidy up. She was so excited.
Now everyone is gone and I have cupcakes in the oven for tomorrow. So until next time I leave you with Just This...Alice

Friday, January 29, 2010

Funny Friday

Like I stated in my first post I am new to this. I did not know there were comments until just now. I found out quite by accident. Thank you to all who made a comment and I sincerely apologize for not recognizing you til now. Readers are what keep bloggers going and feeling connected to the outside world and having friends when one is mainly home bound. You are sweet to care enough to read and comment and I will certainly try to find the setting that lets the comment go on through without my approving it first. Another funny is I don't know how to get to the place to be able to post without playing around and clicking on tabs and going back if it doesn't bring me to the right place. LOL I so want to learn more about doing a blog and have tried to find one that shows us how to write our own blog and navigate correctly to do so. Let's all have a good laugh at learning about the mistakes we can make on the way to having a blog.I never had classes in computers and dove head first into the world wide web. I just didn't know i could get so tangled up in that web and to what extent. Now that I'm smarter (HAHAHA) I am trying something new.
One of my girls told me the other day "Mom you're a riot!" and I told her I never started a riot in my life. She was laughing so hard that I got exasperated and sternly told her to stop laughing at me. Finally she was able to explain. Well that's what I get for half listening.
That same daughter is coming over tomorrow to help me organize my craft closet. It is actually the closet in the master bedroom of a two bedroom apt. I share with my older disabled sister. She helps me to downsize and simplify since we moved into town. I had way too much stuff to fit in this apartment. One day there will be pictures I hope to show her hard work has paid off. My children love the handmade things I give them on special occasions and are ready for me to get back in the groove. They are so patient with me taking a long time to get something finished. They tell me it is worth every minute they waited when I give it to them. I must interject here that there were circumstances detaining us all from doing this in a timely manner. Since this is Funny Friday, I will save that story for Somber Saturday.
Update on yesterdays accident. My foot is feeling better today. My plates however are sitting on the counter in time out til I figure out what I want to make out of all the little pieces. I have never done( just had one of those senior moments and can't recall the word for it) OK it's where you take pieces and glue them on a surface and then grout in between the pieces. For the love of piece I still can't recall that word. Forgive me and I hope you all know what I am talking about. I do want to try my hand at that craft one day. Maybe on a table or tray or.... I did (paint) an awesome scene on a damaged coffee table 10 years ago. The same daughter took the top home and is going to hang it on her very tall and big wall in her dining room. I must say I am so lucky to be blessed with many talents to do all the things I have done in the past.
I seem to be long winded today for some reason. What an accomplishment for someone on oxygen. So until next time I leave you with Just This...Alice

Thursday, January 28, 2010

Telling Thursday

Thank you to my first follower. You made my day after my experience earlier. I must tell on myself, today I have done something I never thought I would be clumsy enough to do. In preparing a late lunch I reached to close the cupboard door and accidentally caught the plate rack on the wall with three of my most treasured plates on display. They all fell and shattered, one on the counter on it's way to the floor. One of those pieces stuck in the top side of my foot and hit a blood vessel. I put a pressure bandage on it and wrapped it snugly. A whole lot of prayer along the way was most helpful and the bleeding stopped in about fifteen minutes. God has blessed me this day as when all was done it only required some tape to hold the skin together. Praise god from whom all blessings flow. I am so grateful that I know of his power and trust in him to take control of things when I need him.
That being said I was preparing chicken and potatoes to put in the oven. Yum Yum God blessed that too.
This brings to mind when I was a small child and was putting water in the chickens drinking pans that were scattered out in the yard. I accidentally got cut on a glass jug and ran inside. My Aunt was there and that is when I found out my mother had a reaction to seeing blood. She was sent throughout the house to gather all the spiderwebs she could find. I was told to lie on the floor and put my foot up on the wall. When mama returned my Aunt took those spiderwebs and wrapped them around my toe and had me stay there for some time. The toe healed without any problems and the scar is a reminder to wear shoes always.
OK now on to something else. I attended a writers workshop Tuesday night and found it very informative. My children are wanting me to write my memories so I shall try to learn all I can in order to make it a worthy read.I would recommend anyone wanting to write to find a (free of course) workshop to attend.
For now gotta go as the smell is enticing me to the kitchen. I think I'll use a foam plate. LOL Til the next post, Just This...Alice

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Blessings when least expected

Yesterday one of my daughters came over and we had a productive day of organizing the storage closet. I use the term "we" very loosely as my daughter did the majority of the work. I got to play with my 3 month old grandson and was rewarded with the most precious laugh I have heard in a long time. There he in the car seat thingamagig. I am talking to him and making funny faces and all of a sudden he started curling up his lips which brought on a smile then he erupted with a full laugh. What a blessing! It made my day almost as much as my daughters' help with a task that's more than I could handle by myself. Once a week we get together at my place or hers and help each other as we can with chores. What a blessing to be needed and know I was of help in as small a capacity as washing the dishes for her with my grandaughter rinsing. Her home reflects her beauty the way she did it herself.
My oldest daughter is a kindergarten teacher and doesn't have much time for getting together. I never knew to what extent a teacher goes to in order to teach our children. I have a new found respect for all of them that put their heart and soul into their jobs. She has turned into a wonderful teacher and I am so proud of her. To be nominated for teacher of the year in her first year of teaching was shocking. As she so eloquently declined the nomination it was brought to their attention that a first year teacher couldn't be nominated even thought they all thought she deserved it. She must teach for three years in order to qualify. Teaching at Sylvan and substututing for several years helped her greatly while waiting to get her professional license after transfering from out of state. If I could give parents one thing it would be this. Your children do not act as well behaved as you think they do at school. Seeing is believing for me. nuff said on that.
My youngest daughter is one of the sweetest people you would ever want to know. Such a beautiful spirit she has about her. She blessed me with my first grandchild. I was so estatically happy when I found out she was expecting that I did a Gmaw to be squeal. I have been blessed to be in attendance for the births of their babies. I have so much respect for this daughter for her being the person that she is. (They all have their awesome qualities.) Her patience with her children and how she has taught them is a blessing. Her home is absolutely beautiful and she did it herself. I'm not much good for for doing what I used to do but she asks my opinion on ideas and listens to what i have to say. She is the kind of woman my son is looking for before he gets married.
Yes there is a son. Most people didn't know I had a son for a long time as it was always my girls and I that they would see out and about town. This man is a worker and does a good job at construction,tile work etc. He had his rebellious nature like many boys do but I never gace up on him and I have been rewarded with the man he is today that I call son still. He has taken some of the most beautiful pictures around where he lives in the adirondacks. A picture of him skiing hangs across from one of his pictures he drew in high school hanging on my wall today. He was unaware I still had it until I gave it to him, framed with a mat of the birch bark he gave me for crafting, for a Christmas present. He brought it back and asked me to keep it still so it wouldn't get messed up.I plan to have some of his photos he took hanging up too. He gave me my first grandchildog. Her name is Two Spots. For this Christmas I made her a coat to wear out side. She loves her master and rides with him sometimes.
For all the blessings I have, I leave you with Just This... Alice

Friday, January 22, 2010

Just This...Alice has not been able to do much in the past couple of days. Today I am trying to figure out layouts and colors for this blog. I'm sure my lack of experience shows. I am trying and will continue to try as long as I can. I may need help from time to time and that will fall on one of my children to do for me. I have no idea how to put pictures on here to share if I make somethingor to share photos of family. There is much for me to learn. I firmly believe that a person must try in order to learn something new because we only fail if we don't try. At my age this may prove a great undertaking. However I feel there is always a way and if we are willing God will help us find the way.
I really don't know what kind of blog to call this as I will sometimes share stories from my youth.
The times were changing then but my parents were living on a farm in rural Northern Florida and I grew up as a little farmhand tomboy. At 4 years of age I stood on a box to hand tobacco to the lady who strung it on a tobacco stick so it could be hung in the tobacco barn to cure. Standing on a box to rinse dishes in the big ole dishpan was fun in comparrison to cleaning clothes by hand on the scrub board. My clothes washing job was to scrub my youngest sisters diapers. Of course at 7 years of age and having the farm experience I did it was no big deal but rather routine life. Emptying the pee pot from overnight was not a fun task at all because sometimes it was too full. We didn't have indoor plumbing and the old watershelf held many a pan of water for bathing. I can tell you just about anything you would want to know about farm life. But for today I leave you with Just This ...Alice

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Just This... Alice had a rough day and doesn't feel like writing much tonight. Sometimes it's difficult to just sit, stand, lie down, or even just move, but it is essential to keep moving, in order to keep moving. I feel I did nothing productive today and therefore that makes me feel like a failure for the day. Well there is tomorrow and just maybe I will feel up to making something. I have a gallon can and lid which needs turning into a large toilet paper roll holder for the back of the toilet. Tonight, I hope for, Just This... Alice

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Sharing my life

Having never done this before yet viewed many blogs, I have decided to try my hand at blogging.
I live a simple life as a disabled woman since an auto accident. I refuse to give up and let it take away my life. Yes there are limits and I am unemployable but there is much I can still do. I love being with my family and my grandchildren are one of my greatest treasures. I have four of the most precious (doesn't everyone?) grandchildren I could hope for. They are aware that Gmaw, GeMe, Mamaw, has limitations and can be so helpful. Their awareness of others with disabilities is evident when in public. At WalMart one might pick up something for a person riding in the electric cart or allow them to go ahead of them in line. This has been a lesson of consideration of others in general especially when they see people cutting in front of me and my rolling walker.
My first grandchild was a boy and I was so ready for a a baby to hold in my arms again.He is now almost 7. This is a loving grandchild that loves to do arts and crafts with his Gmaw. He can be a little toughies at times but when necessary he can be very gentle. He is a cop and has the uniform and cars to prove it. he will arrest a bad guy in a heartbeat. Oh the fun we have watching him play. He rides behind his sister and gets on the bullhorn and tells her to pull over for speeding. He even has a ticket book for offenders. I was once given a ticket for going too slow with my rolling walker while in the yard. I just love this little man in his uniform.
My oldest grandaughter loves to have Gmaw make her dresses and bake cookies as well as cook. Stirring things, that are not hot, is one of her greatest joys. Of course being 4 years old has its limitations in the kitchen. We color and put together puzzles and play her board games. She learns about being a gracious winner and loser. She is so muture for being 4 that one would think she was much older but for her size. She is in Pre K and seems to be douing well. her memory is very good and sometimes her mom is blown away by it. She has a sweet personality and a tiny voice to go with it. I just love the little princess that she is.
My next grandchild is also a girl. She just had her 3rd birthday party. Of course she wanted to have a princess party like every other little girl. She was so cute in her little dress at teh party. She wanted her Geme to make her a princess dress for her birthday. Fortunately she does not look at all the mistakes I made since I can't sew as well as I used to. She has a love for playing barbies and having me read her stories. She is smarter beyond her years. Aren't they all now a days? She likes to go shopping and is so well behaved that shoppers comment on her. She too is a sweet little princess who loves to dress up. Just 20 to 30 times a day.
My fourth grandchild is a little (LOL) big boy. For 3 months, he is a big boy. Of course he was a big one when he was born. He has such a sweet disposition for being a boy but I'm sure that will change with time. I love watching him play with his hands and when we talk (I talk he coos) to each other and he smiles at me it makes me so proud to have him for a grandchild.
Well I have exercised my bragging rights as a grandmother for now and will focus on something else for my next post. Best wishes to all.