Friday, December 9, 2011

Founded on Strength

Since I wrote that my brother passed away, there have been three more deaths (two from old age and one from an auto accident). My brothers' wide, a friend, and one of my first cousins. Last month and the first week of this month have just sapped me of my mental and emotional strength. However I know that no more is put on me than what I can bear. My faith keeps me going.
My youngest daughter comes over often and she and I worked on the Christmas decorations for outside judging this week. The first day right after we finished putting the snow people out in the yard,my daughter had to pick up her little one from Pre K,run a couple of errands and then pick up her son from school. We have early release on the first Wednesday of the month here. I had to lie down for awhile as my legs swell so badly. Anyway when she got back she asked me about the rain we had while she was gone. I, of course had to ask what rain. She had bad news, our snow people we had worked so hard on were crying colored tears that came from the paper we used for their hats. Today made the third day we worked on it thinking the judging will be tonight. This afternoon a note was slipped through the door from the office telling us all that a mistake was made by the publishing company about the day of judging. It won't be til the 19Th. Since my daughter picked up the only artificial snow blankets for me while doing those errands, I am hoping it doesn't rain. Because they are only intended for indoor use. Ha!Ha! on me.
I have also had to be some kind of sneaky around my daughter as my other two daughters and a friend are giving her an expecting TWINS shower and I am helping them by crafting and artwork for the event. I do have a big mess in my dining room and living room right now after all this decorating and crafting stuff. So it is my first priority to clean it all up this weekend and before next Saturday.
I was able to get my gift exchange partners gift I made her in the mail only 2 days late. This is something I look forward to since I started participating.
If I had one wish for Christmas fulfilled it would be to get a book with tutorials about blogging and adding pictures and making it look better. I'm so sorry I suck at blogging. Well like Pa always used to say wish in one hand and spit in the other one and see which one gets filled up first.
If I am able to get back on here before Christmas I'll tell you about my episode with a live in the ground still Christmas tree when I was about 10. Until then I leave you with Just This...Alice


  1. You do not suck at are sharing what is in your heart and there is no judge for that! I hope it doesn't rain and your snow blanket last! I have never seen them before...

  2. You do NOT suck at blogging! I am so sorry to hear of the losses you and your family have suffered!