Sunday, March 18, 2012

Gmaw's twin granddaughters

These two little angels are my twin granddaughters born to my youngest daughter and her husband. There was some difficulty when they were first born and now they seem fine. God heard all the prayers that went up on their behalf and I am so thankful for this blessing in our lives. We have so much stuff and my daughter wanted to use some of it in the photos and thankfully the photographer allowed it. She was awesome to work with and gave us a tease with this photo which I wanted to share some sweetness with you all. Now that I have seven grandchildren,I can get all the baby sugars I want. I do love my grandchildren and enjoy every minute spent playing with them. Plus it gives me another chance to be a little girl again and have bunches of fun.
I think back on the time when their mother and her sister were little and we played in the playhouse with their tea set. I made sandwiches and cut them into fourths so their little hands could hold them with ease while eating. The tea cups would have to constantly be refilled with kool aid though. Oh the memories of those days fill me with a longing to do it all over again and I think I will get to do that very thing with my granddaughters. I so want them to have much better memories of their childhood than I have of mine. The gift of sweet memories, is my reward for the time taken from a busy Mom's schedule to give them delightful days of play, fill my cup to overflowing.
You see my childhood was filled with mostly work on a farm with little to no playtime. That was just the way it was back then. I know it's hard to think of the 1950's-1960 being so difficult for families when the world was changing and all kinds of convenences were arriving to take advantage of. Having a father that was born in 1901 and didn't marry til 1945 was a given that we would be raised as he was. As the oldest son he shouldered most of the field work when he was big enough to do so. His education ended at the eith grade so that he could work at home and to help with the younger children. There were thirteen children in his family and things certainly got better for the younger children than they were for him. Being uneducated he taught what he learned "An honest days work for an honest day's pay" My father was old enough to be my grandfather when I was born. Perhaps this is why we called him Pa instead of Daddy as most children called their father. He did tell us to gain all the knowledge we could and stressed completing high school. Four of his children graduated. I am proud to be one of them. I did learn that while I went to school that didn't prepare me for the world and all that was in it. When I would ask my Pa a question and he would skirt around the answer little did I know that the reason was he didn't know himself. That taught me to make sure I always explained things to my children and tell them if they didn't know something to ask me and if I didn't know the answer I would find someone who did and let them know. I also learned from getting my mouth popped with a backhand that I shouldn't repeat what I heard at school around other children. I taught my children if they didn't know what a word meant to not repeat it til they asked me what it meant. I would let them know if it was a good one or a bad one that shouldn't be repeated by anyone.
I may have had it hard growing up and perhaps it seemed as if I were in another time but it made me the person I am today and I like that person.
I know I had said the next post would be about the Easter egg hunt and it is forthcomming. I was trying on my own to do the picture thing again and it seemed to work so I went with it. Til next time when I give the egg hunt story, I leave you with Just this...Alice

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