Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Way Out Wednesday

I went way out and got an old window to paint a picture on for my daughter. Now I must admit that it has been about 25 years since I painted any pictures. I put on a base coat let it dry then started my picture. Lovely blue sky with a few fluffy white clouds, water that would rival any ocean color and waves that looked like they would roll right off the painting onto me, sand with the feel of the beach on my finger tips made it realistic. Then I discovered I had the window upside down. All I said was "Crud" and laid the brush down in the cup of water and left the room. After getting a bite to eat and calming myself, I took my metal spatula with me armed to rectify my mistake. I took that spatula in hand gazed at teh painstakingly work I had finished and started scraping it off. It had dried by this time and came off relatively easy. Thank you Lord for that. I then turned the window to the correct position and proceeded to paint it again. First teh base coat and letting it dry was my agenda for the afternoon. A couple of days went by before I touched it again. That day I did the sky and the following day teh ocean. A few more days went by and when I sat before it once more, I was not happy with the work I had done. I left teh paint on and started over with the sky leaving the top part as it was. Then I went back into the ocean and did waves. Too tired to continue I took a break for another few days.And it turned into more of the same stuff over and over again. On Monday I decided I was going to Just do it and set our my materials and stared at it and said " Lord I need your help as I can't seem to do this myself. I felt such a calm and started painting and when I was done with it I cried.

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  1. Alice-
    Hello my sister in Christ. I hope this finds you well. And I hope I found the RIGHT BLOG????
    Sorry for the delay in my response my time in the Internet Café has been short. I spend so much time uploading my blog posts and pre-dating them so they can release while I’m nowhere near the café.
    I’d love a quilt, absolutely LOVE one, but the price for sending such an item would be too great and too selfish of me. I’d rather find a way for you to bless “OTHERS” here, which in turn blesses me as I live and work among countless needy individuals.
    As a suggestion, I remember a while back you mentioned making pillowcase dresses. I mentioned that to my sister and she raved about them, I’d never heard of such a thing. I’m wondering if you’d be willing to make some and send my way for the girls in the villages we assist. Any size, shape, color will work. It’s still very traditional for all girls (young or old) to wear dresses/skirts day in and day out, therefore the pillowcase dresses would suite this culture and become a great blessing for those who don’t have money to buy clothes. Again, just a thought but maybe you could send me the pattern for, if you have one? The previous organization I was working with [Teen Missions Int’l] has multiple treadle sewing machines (at each 19 bases) and this could be a simple ministry for the widows to sew and sell them for a profit? I still help Teen Missions when I have time and it’s still my heart’s desire to join them again once CAM is on its own feet in the future.
    I’m so grateful for your willingness to PRAY, and SACRIFICE your own time and money to do work for fellow brothers and sisters in Christ, whom you’ve never met. You are a true servant Alice and I hope that someday our paths will cross face to face, this side of heaven.
    Blessings to you my friend,