Saturday, February 13, 2010

Sweet Saturday

How sweet it is to see the sun again after so much rain. Many people are talking about cabin fever this time of the year.
I will agree that it has been rather gloomy at times this winter yet I like so many others have that situation all year. I never thought about if people got out or had to stay in as it was not something I had any experience with before. Well now I do and it is sad to know that people don't care to see you in public or about run you over if you have the nerve to go into a store and get in their way. I always respected and offered to help if I saw a disabled person struggling to reach something from a shelf. When I am out and about using my rolling walker I venture into the local WalMart and see many people darting in and out of disabled people's way. I have seen someone reach right over and push a little older lady out of their way because they were in a hurry after working all day. Saying something in the older lady's defense merited an abrupt "it's not like you people do anything you have all the time in the world to shop." Don't you know my blood boiled at that remark. I had to respond with my own, "it's people like her that worked so hard and made it easier for people like you to have a job today. And don't think that you will be the exception to the rule and won't be in her shoes one day because your turn will be here before you know it. I hope you think about today when someone pushes you because they are in a hurry and don't have time for people like us when that day arrives." I just had to run my mouth didn't I? I can't stand seeing people being mean to disabled people. I was raised with manners and principles along with standards and you respect elderly people. My theory has always been that they have worked to make our country what it is today albeit their tax dollars have been misused along the way by government officials. They have suffered much more than we have to make ends meet and survive in the world. I do get hot under the collar when I see someone mistreating the elderly people today.

It is time for me to get off that train and onto another. This time I headed north to the Whiteface Mountain area. My son lives near there and has been sending me some of the most beautiful pictures he has taken of the scenery. It almost makes me want to be there in it. If I knew how to add a picture on here I would share some awesome pictures of God's creation I have ever seen for something so cold. He lives in a little cabin among the majestic mountains of the adirondacks. His woodpile for one week is much bigger than anything I ever used to stay warm. It was only one degree before it was even winter. I don't know the below zero temp yet to share. Poor Two Spots has to wear a coat to even go outside to use the bathroom. Such a sweet dog too. I must remember to give him the recipe for snow icecream as he was six the last time he had it. He's close to forty now. I hope there is a way I can make it to see him up there this summer.

My oldest daughter has confirmation of staying at her current school to teach next year. Thank you Lord! Sometimes teaching can be a thankless job and I truly admire all the teachers out there that have given so much of themselves to try and make something out of societys children when the parents don't care to teach them the things that they should be teaching at home. The world is full of self absorbed people and I feel sorry for them. True happiness is found in what is seen as the little things in life. I have always thought that life is what we make it. We shouldn't depend on someone else to do the work for us. Although the class my daughter has requires a lot of extra care, she has it to give. I am thankful for her husband who supports her in her role as a teacher and helps as he can with the extras. Some people are definately made in the mold of a teacher and I have seen some that are teachers that aren't. I thank God for the teachers that truly care to teach children.

My middle daughter finally has her cake making hobby going. She has a knack for decorating cakes and just hearing a little about the person the cake is for can impliment it into making it something they are stunned to see when it's picked up. She and my youngest daughter came to my rescue the night before my oldest daughter's wedding and helped me finish the cakes by staying up working til 3:00 a.m.the day of the wedding. We were so punch happy one would thing we who don't drink alcolhol were drunk as Scooter Brown. Oh I wish I knew how to upload pics on here. They are in the computer but I just don't know how to do it by myself. This daughter showed me how to add pics to my facebook but I haven't had the lesson for here yet. I think that pictures help so much when reading about something. The proverbial picture is worth a thousand words saying fits here. On to the youngest grandchild which is her son. He has been playing with his hands and just talks lol baby talk to his GMaw. There is a bond with the grands that sometimes they do things for grandparents before they do for parents. She and her husband have While you wait publications and I am the luckiest person come the first week of the month to get to spend time with the baby while they take care of distribution. Her daughter wants me to make her a dress for her birthday in June and keeps asking me where her dress is like the other grandaughters. I have to disapoint her every time and tell her it isn't time to make it yet. It makes me feel like a big meanie too.

My youngest daughter and her husband just redid their den. I must say it is impressive and yes you can make a mobile home look like a house. Their triple wide is so nice and how they are turning it into a modern looking home is awesome. The color scheme in the den is browns. I have had an aversion to that color most of my life. I now have a different opinion to go along with their different look. My daughter removed those tacky strips that join two pieces on the walls and put drywall compound in their place, let it dry, then sanded it. She then put up paintable wallpaper that resembles venetian plaster. When she finished painting it and put everything back in the room I was shocked at the transformation. Yeah Color Splash on HGTV. Thats what gave my daughter the incinitive to take on the task. She watched his shows and got some good ideas. Saved themselves a bundle too. The economy is bringing out the best in a lot of people with imposed limitations on their spending. They only spent under $700. and it looks more like $7,000. She likes the Tuscan look and has the grape theme in her kitchen of the den and the blend is so nice. I thought she might replace the grape arbor hanging from the ceiling in the kitchen but not ready to let it go yet. I made it in 2001 for my home and she wanted it when I lost everything after the accident so she plans on keeping it a while longer.

I am thankful that I am able to write today as it has been a difficult couple of weeks for me. I may not be able to write every day so I think I will commit to every week at least for now. If I am up to writing more I will. I so want to do pictures so I can demonstrate some of my crafts. I think it is so good to share what we know for the younger folks so they can have their lives and homes enriched with the things they make themselves. We can show what we know to help them with the economy as it is and them wanting to have nice homes too. Sharing and caring is what is of help right now and I am thankful we are a nation who cares enough to share. One little thing at a time if that's all we can do will eventually become something big one day. I am so delighted when I can tell someone that compliments something that was shared on a blog that that's where the idea came from. We are so lucky to be able to communicate this way. There was a time as I was growing up we didn't have a phone. We communicated by hollering and the nearest neighbors a fourth a mile away would be able to hear us. I think of how dirt poor we were then and how rich I am now by those standards. I am so very blessed that my life has came down the path it has to a world of richness. I am thankful for the teachings as a child that has me appreciating even the small things in life. They truly are life's richest blessings.
I wish everyone a sweet day tomorrow with their sweethearts whoever/whatever they may be. As for me I don't think of myself being alone as I have family and friends who love me and memories of those no longer here to comfort me.
Until next time I leave you with Just This... Alice

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