Monday, February 1, 2010

Motovating Monday

Motivation..... I have tried so many things to get myself motivated today to do something besides moving from one spot to the next. The weather does some not very nice things to my body and today has been one of those days. To those who read my blog, I apologize for not having anything to read for the past few days. There will be times that I won't be able to update as I'd like to due to health problems.
For tonight I will talk about something from the past.

When I was 4 years old, I stood on a wooden box to hand tobacco to the older girl that strung it on a tobacco stick. Then it would spend time hanging in the tobacco barn to cure which is drying it out in about a week using kerosene to fuel the heaters. Next it was removed from the sticks and put in burlap sheets and tied up in bundles then stored in the pack house until the warehouses opened for auctions. I didn't earn any money doing that as it was working for my dad on our farm. However when I was 6 years old I worked outside the farm and earned $4.00 a day handing tobacco without having to stand on a box. At the end of the summer when it was time to attend the tobacco auction, we all loaded up and the mule was hitched to the wagon and pulled us all into town. The warehouses were on the northwest end of town and when I walked through the big double doors,I saw the most cured tobacco I had ever seen in my life. Mama stayed outside with the 2 youngest ones. I sat on one of the bundles of our tobacco as told to do and watched tobacco bundles move from one place to another as it was graded and sold. Men walked along and the auctioneer called out as the men raised their hands when interested in buying the lot of tobacco for that price from each farmer. They approached out lot and I didn't know what to do so I just sat right there and smiled as sweet as I could at them. The auctioneer said you sure are a pretty little thing. Then he reached into one of the bundles and grabbed a handful and held it up for inspection. He told the buyers that what was in his hand was some of the best looking tobacco he had seen all year. My father returned from doing the paper work and stood watching the price went all the way up to $1.10 a pound for his lot of tobacco that year. Well I got scolded for remaining on the bundle of tobacco during the sale but not too much cause I had stayed where I was told to stay til he got back. The 4 older ones were standing around watching the activity and not me. We then headed over to the stores to buy school clothes. Mama had the money in her pocket book that we had made during the summer. We each had an allotted amount to spend for clothes and that was 5 outfits for school, a dress for church on Sunday, 1 pack of bloomers and 2 pair of shoes, (1 pair for school and 1 pair for church). We wore our old shoes around the house to work in or none at all. For our reward of being good, we stopped at Howlands and got a brown bag of penny candy for 5 cents and an ice cream cone for the ride home. We were in hog heaven riding in that wagon headed home with all out new clothes and such. The rest of the money left over went for essentials not grown on the farm to help us survive through the winter. The year was 1958.
I'm sorry but I have to lie down. So til next time it's Just This.... Alice

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