Monday, June 20, 2011

Mellow Monday

So many times i spend too much time reading other blogs that I don't seem to have what it takes to update my own blog. I must confess that I am not as savvy as all the bloggers I follow in posting and adding photos with the posts. i do apologize for my lack of knowledge in this area. I see how posting photos with story line makes it a much better read than just words. Perhaps i can share some of the blogs I have the utmost fondness for that i can't miss reading them for fear of missing something important. Life happens and sometimes we find enjoyment where we can.
I will write as I can remember and hope I don't leave anyone out that I consider a great blog. There are a few that have given up on blogging due to too many responsibilities and their managing stores that sell great products. One being Calamity Anne. I may have this name wrong but this lady seemed to do it all. awesome recipes, crafting, story lines, and just being funny. I miss her blog.
There are some ladies out there that can weld a hammer and other man tools like no man in the corporate world could ever think of doing. Pretty Handy Girl is a must read for any woman wanting to make something.I was in withdrawals last week while I was at my daughters for the week and had no access to read my favorites. This lady shows you step by step how to do a project and the pictures to go with it that no one would know someone that is not a professional did the job. And she has a sense of humor that cracks me up. Funky Junk Interiors is near and dear to my heart as she has a taste for the junk in life and makes it look stylish in home decor. I grew up in a house that people would not believe possible and she has shown a few of the things I lived with and through and decorated my home with.
It brought to mind the old light bulbs dangling from the ceiling, metal roof nailed to the open rafters, lack of drywall and paint, no plumbing which necessitated running about 3oo-500 feet to the out house, bathing on the open back porch with a metal bowl of water sitting on a water shelf, the old wash pot and scrub board for washing our clothes are just a few of the things that I lived with daily growing up on our farm. Some of the blogs remind me of those days and I appreciate the memories they invoke for me.
Since I can't seem to remember names correctly I must wait for the next time to share more blogs I follow.
While I was at my daughter's house last week I made my two granddaughters some covered flip flops and hair bows. My daughter took me to a couple of stores to get ribbon and other craft supplies that i don't have access to here. Ole greedy gut WalMart just had to shut down the craft area of our local store. If they think they ere going to force me to buy what they limit to selling in their store here they have another thought coming. I just may have to wait til one of my daughters can haul me and my rolling walker out of town to better stores but when I get to the stores the wait has been worth it as they have a better selection as well as cutting fabric off the bolt and I get to choose how much and the prints i want. What WalMart doesn't realize is we got along without them before they came here and I can do it again. Can you tell I don't care for WalMart at the moment. Greedy sitting in their corporate air conditioned offices men who just can't seem to get enough of the color green from our pockets and purses. My daughter found this little Mom and Pop store that has meat from their farm to sell and the taste is unbelievable compared to that at WalMart. We don't realize the chemicals they add to meats to make them appear fresher when we buy them off the shelf. One purchase of chicken had me sold. I am so in favor to buy locally just so I will know what has went into what I'm cooking and eating. i just wish we no longer had food shipped in from other countries because we don't know a thing about how it was grown and what it has went through before we get it. i want my chicken to taste like chicken and not a bunch of chemicals.
Well I just skipped around today didn't I? Not bad for someone who is physically incapable of doing that.So until next time I leave you with Just This...Alice

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