Monday, June 27, 2011

Sleepless Monday

I've spent the night trying to get to sleep but pain and nerve problems are working against me. So I've not had one wink of sleep all night. And I thought it a good time to post another tale of the past to see if that would induce a little sleep for me.
One day my Dad was going to our neighbor three miles away to lend them our mule Kate for the day. I wanted to go with him and Mama finally gave in and told Pa to make sure I stayed off the road and walked on the grass there and back. Well I liked the feel of the smooth asphalt and it didn't seem to mind me walking on it so early in the morning. It felt much better than the grass with sand spurs in it along side the road. Pa never said anything about me walking on it and all seemed well when we arrived at their farm. I got to have a day of play and fun with the two girls around my age and time passed very quickly. Pa came around the corner of the house and said "Come on Alice it's time to head home now." I said my goodbyes and we started walking back home. A couple of times Pa asked me if I wanted to ride Kate but I told him No Sir. He didn't know how afraid I was of that big animal and would never ride her again after the trick my youngest brother and next to the oldest sister played on me when we were moving cows to a different pasture one day. But that story is for another time. Well it wasn't long before I started feeling the warmth of the roadway and was hopping form the road to the grass. When we got home I put my feet in the foot tub full of cold water and it felt so good. I did not realize that the bottom of my feet was solid blisters until Mama came out on the back porch and asked me what I was doing. When I told her I could see her puffing up ready to jump all over Pa when he got back from putting Kate in the Mule pen. Oh my was she mad at him. I tried to tell her it wasn't Pa's fault but she wouldn't listen to me or him for that matter. There were times there was no getting through to Mama about certain matters and this was one of them. It would suffice to say we were both in the dog house for several days over the matter and I lost the privilege of going with him ever again to take the mule to the neighbors.
Now it is 6:30 a.m. and i am no more near going to sleep than I was all night.Sometimes I can get on the computer and it will help settle me down to where i can go on to sleep but not now. Perhaps if I stay awake all day I might go to sleep early tonight. haha it doesn't work that way for me. I guess I should have drank a cup of coffee so it would help put me to sleep. Yes it does that for me. When I tried drinking it to stay awake I learned that little bit of info by falling asleep when I should have been awake. Coffee seems to help my breathing along with the oxygen and medications as well as act as a sleep aid. I guess that is part of having a weird body chemistry or so I was told by a doctor when I was in my early 20's.
Sit awhile, stand awhile, lay down awhile, aarg nothing seems to help until I get so totally exhausted that my body just shuts down for about twelve hours. I don't want to complain so I'm going to focus on my glass being half full and take a walk to see if that will help. Time to get my scooter pooter (rolling walker with a seat)out of the vehicle and walk around the apartment complex. Hope everyone has a great week and until next time I leave you with, Just This...Alice

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