Thursday, June 2, 2011

Tattle Tale Thursday

I had my 60th birthday last week. I was given orders to be ready by 5:30 and wear something nice. I started to ask my daughter which night shirt should I wear (I live in those things)but stopped myself. I was picked up and my rolling walker was put in the back and we were on our way. Driving along the scenery was lovely and the conversation great except when I asked where are we going? My grandaughter almost told me but her mommy stopped her and she told my grandson not to tell either. My son in law made me smile when he told her your mama is smart she will figure it out. I did. I have an issue with anxiety well alright a big problem with the need for medication when nothing else worked. I knew all those years of my pestercating brother was going to have an effect on me. Oh yes back to the birthday surprise. It took us about 45 minutes til we got to the coast in Stienhachie,(sp?) FL. I was given my walker and another daughter showed me where to go.They had a lovely setup with the tables and chairs and it took my breath away. We were out on the water but inside the restaurant and could see right out through very large glass windows. We then dined on seafood platters to the setting sun. My three daughter and their families were all in attendance. My son didn't make it from New York as his work prevented him from getting time off. I was moved to tears when I opened my gifts. They know their mother so well. Anything to do with crafting supplies over perfumes and such. I did get one thing in jewelry, a small silver heart with the word MOM on both sides. My daughter added it to my bracelet and I love everything I got as it was things I needed. While my daughter picked up wraping papers and such the daddys took the 4 grandkids out on the deck to feed the birds and fish. Then one of my daughters took out a birthday cake and I am salivating just remembering how it tasted. I felt like a queen indeed and my daughters did a fantastic job of making it memorable for me. I had to excuse myself and go the the bathroom as we were leaving the restaurant. On the rids home my stomach started cramping and it sounded like it was having its own birthday party down there. I must say for the last 20 miles befor getting home I had great concerns as to if I would make to the bathroom in time. Not to be I was so embarassed for raising a big stink in the vehicle. When we got to my apartment my daughter helped me and took all my things in for me while I hit the shower. Again. I called it my before and after birthday shower. Well I was given the full force of whatever it was in the food that made almost all of us sick. I stayed sick for 5 days. Sunday I noticed a tender spot on my left leg just above the ankle. Didn't think nothing of it for a couple of days. By Tuesday it had me in tears and was swollen,red,hot to the touch and when my daughter called me to check on me that evening I finally told her about it. She looked it up on her computer and it was one of two things according to web md. She told me to be up early as she was taking me to the doctor as soon as she dropped off her son at school.I should have gotten a clue when we noticed the parking lot was empty. Sure enough my daughter read the note on the door that he would be out of town til next week. My daughter was tenacious about finding a doctor that would accept walkins.The 4th place we went did. There was grave concern from the nurse and the doctor sent us to a hospital about 25 miles away for an ultra sound of my left leg. While we were waiting at the hospital for them to call my name, my daughter went to the bathroom and my grandaughter and I walked inside their gift shop. After a few minutes of browsing my grandaughter tapped my hand and said "G-Maw come see this kitty." It was the cutest little smokey grey persian kitty. I could tell she wanted it and I asked her to pick it up for me. The no touch rule held fast with her and I had to tell her it was OK because I was asking her to pick it up for me since I couldn't reach over the walker and get it myself. I could not believe the price was only $3.00 but then I saw the clearance sign. That little darling knows how to shop those sales. Did I tell you she is only 4 years old? As I was checking out my daughter came in and asked what I was getting and I showed her the coffee mug that had I never knew how much love my heart could hold till someone called me "Grandma" and yes it's pink. We sat in the waiting area for a short time and they called me and we started registering and after about 20 minutes we went back and I got set up for the proceedure. Pain wracked me when they pressed down on my leg. She finally said OK we're all done. Fortunately there was no blood clot. Cellulitis had taken residence in my lower leg. The $300.00 perscription is supposed to take care of it within 2 weeks.
That is about all I can do for now so til next time I leave you with Just This... Alice

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