Saturday, January 30, 2010

Saving Saturday

Today my daughter came over to help (she did most of the work) organize my craft closet and bedroom. She told me that I couldn't save everything as I didn't have enough room. So I let her take charge and told her that there were things that I had had for a very long time I was not willing to let go of yet. I agreed that I was not as good as her at detaching myself from STUFF and to just keep in mind that I will work on that along and along.
I have in mind to re purpose a lot of things into gifts for family. My old jars with the hinged lids and blue ones with the zinc lids can be used to hold bathroom items, pantry items, and craft pieces and can be embellished accordingly to make pretty is just one idea.

Growing up on the coat tails of the depression necessitated saving everything. I remember being up to my elbows, with lye soap suds and jars washing them in the number three tub, to prepare for another season of putting up (we called it canning) vegetables and fruits to have for the winter. I know there are many many people out there that did this same thing every year on the farm even though it is not as widely practiced today. Personally I feel if we were to practice more of the things today that we did back then life wouldn't be so costly. Fast food ruined the nutritional quality of meals when it became so widespread. I have learned to limit myself to a once a month treat.
Being disabled makes it where a person can't exercise or move about as they did before. I myself put on so much weight that I am ashamed of myself and have spent the last year trying to loose it. I have only managed to loose 52 lbs. I am struggling to keep busy as that is my problem I never sat still before our accident. Taking a break to lie down or sit or walk a few moments does not allow someone to stay on task. This is why it takes me so long to make something. I am a survivor and will be one til I am no more. Life is what me make of it at any given time. Everyone experiences difficulties at some point in life. Being knocked down doesn't mean we ought to stay down. Where there is a will there is always a way. Always! The effort we put into any given thing determines the end results. I just happen to like good results myself.
Well there I rambled on and this is supposed to be about saving Saturday.
I woke up to it raining down south in sunny Florida.LOL It did quit around one o'clock. I did have a good time overall with my daughter and her two children. Little four year old girls can be most helpful at times. Her daddy rewarded her when he came to pick them up. He took her to the park across the road and they flew a kite while the wind was blowing so we could tidy up. She was so excited.
Now everyone is gone and I have cupcakes in the oven for tomorrow. So until next time I leave you with Just This...Alice

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