Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Blessings when least expected

Yesterday one of my daughters came over and we had a productive day of organizing the storage closet. I use the term "we" very loosely as my daughter did the majority of the work. I got to play with my 3 month old grandson and was rewarded with the most precious laugh I have heard in a long time. There he in the car seat thingamagig. I am talking to him and making funny faces and all of a sudden he started curling up his lips which brought on a smile then he erupted with a full laugh. What a blessing! It made my day almost as much as my daughters' help with a task that's more than I could handle by myself. Once a week we get together at my place or hers and help each other as we can with chores. What a blessing to be needed and know I was of help in as small a capacity as washing the dishes for her with my grandaughter rinsing. Her home reflects her beauty the way she did it herself.
My oldest daughter is a kindergarten teacher and doesn't have much time for getting together. I never knew to what extent a teacher goes to in order to teach our children. I have a new found respect for all of them that put their heart and soul into their jobs. She has turned into a wonderful teacher and I am so proud of her. To be nominated for teacher of the year in her first year of teaching was shocking. As she so eloquently declined the nomination it was brought to their attention that a first year teacher couldn't be nominated even thought they all thought she deserved it. She must teach for three years in order to qualify. Teaching at Sylvan and substututing for several years helped her greatly while waiting to get her professional license after transfering from out of state. If I could give parents one thing it would be this. Your children do not act as well behaved as you think they do at school. Seeing is believing for me. nuff said on that.
My youngest daughter is one of the sweetest people you would ever want to know. Such a beautiful spirit she has about her. She blessed me with my first grandchild. I was so estatically happy when I found out she was expecting that I did a Gmaw to be squeal. I have been blessed to be in attendance for the births of their babies. I have so much respect for this daughter for her being the person that she is. (They all have their awesome qualities.) Her patience with her children and how she has taught them is a blessing. Her home is absolutely beautiful and she did it herself. I'm not much good for for doing what I used to do but she asks my opinion on ideas and listens to what i have to say. She is the kind of woman my son is looking for before he gets married.
Yes there is a son. Most people didn't know I had a son for a long time as it was always my girls and I that they would see out and about town. This man is a worker and does a good job at construction,tile work etc. He had his rebellious nature like many boys do but I never gace up on him and I have been rewarded with the man he is today that I call son still. He has taken some of the most beautiful pictures around where he lives in the adirondacks. A picture of him skiing hangs across from one of his pictures he drew in high school hanging on my wall today. He was unaware I still had it until I gave it to him, framed with a mat of the birch bark he gave me for crafting, for a Christmas present. He brought it back and asked me to keep it still so it wouldn't get messed up.I plan to have some of his photos he took hanging up too. He gave me my first grandchildog. Her name is Two Spots. For this Christmas I made her a coat to wear out side. She loves her master and rides with him sometimes.
For all the blessings I have, I leave you with Just This... Alice


  1. Dear Alice, How sweet to read about your dear children and grandchildren! Wish I heard that little chuckle! I can see why it delight you so! I have enjoyed visiting with you!

    Kindly, ldh

  2. Alice-So nice to "meet" you and hear about your family! You sound as if you have a wonderful relationship with your childrena and a good attitude in general. Our only daughter is ia kindergarten teacher also. Having taught jr. high and high school myself, I know that teaching is not a job; it is a calling! Thanks for stopping by. I hope you'll visit again.

  3. Hello Alice, Just wanted to thank you for visiting my blog. You may want to buy a package of coffee filters from the Dollar store as this wreath took over 100 filters!! Have fun!

  4. Thank you all so much. LDH That first giggle is the most endearing one, Susan You are so right about the calling, Kim thanks for the heads up on that. I love following blogs also.