Friday, January 22, 2010

Just This...Alice has not been able to do much in the past couple of days. Today I am trying to figure out layouts and colors for this blog. I'm sure my lack of experience shows. I am trying and will continue to try as long as I can. I may need help from time to time and that will fall on one of my children to do for me. I have no idea how to put pictures on here to share if I make somethingor to share photos of family. There is much for me to learn. I firmly believe that a person must try in order to learn something new because we only fail if we don't try. At my age this may prove a great undertaking. However I feel there is always a way and if we are willing God will help us find the way.
I really don't know what kind of blog to call this as I will sometimes share stories from my youth.
The times were changing then but my parents were living on a farm in rural Northern Florida and I grew up as a little farmhand tomboy. At 4 years of age I stood on a box to hand tobacco to the lady who strung it on a tobacco stick so it could be hung in the tobacco barn to cure. Standing on a box to rinse dishes in the big ole dishpan was fun in comparrison to cleaning clothes by hand on the scrub board. My clothes washing job was to scrub my youngest sisters diapers. Of course at 7 years of age and having the farm experience I did it was no big deal but rather routine life. Emptying the pee pot from overnight was not a fun task at all because sometimes it was too full. We didn't have indoor plumbing and the old watershelf held many a pan of water for bathing. I can tell you just about anything you would want to know about farm life. But for today I leave you with Just This ...Alice

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