Friday, January 29, 2010

Funny Friday

Like I stated in my first post I am new to this. I did not know there were comments until just now. I found out quite by accident. Thank you to all who made a comment and I sincerely apologize for not recognizing you til now. Readers are what keep bloggers going and feeling connected to the outside world and having friends when one is mainly home bound. You are sweet to care enough to read and comment and I will certainly try to find the setting that lets the comment go on through without my approving it first. Another funny is I don't know how to get to the place to be able to post without playing around and clicking on tabs and going back if it doesn't bring me to the right place. LOL I so want to learn more about doing a blog and have tried to find one that shows us how to write our own blog and navigate correctly to do so. Let's all have a good laugh at learning about the mistakes we can make on the way to having a blog.I never had classes in computers and dove head first into the world wide web. I just didn't know i could get so tangled up in that web and to what extent. Now that I'm smarter (HAHAHA) I am trying something new.
One of my girls told me the other day "Mom you're a riot!" and I told her I never started a riot in my life. She was laughing so hard that I got exasperated and sternly told her to stop laughing at me. Finally she was able to explain. Well that's what I get for half listening.
That same daughter is coming over tomorrow to help me organize my craft closet. It is actually the closet in the master bedroom of a two bedroom apt. I share with my older disabled sister. She helps me to downsize and simplify since we moved into town. I had way too much stuff to fit in this apartment. One day there will be pictures I hope to show her hard work has paid off. My children love the handmade things I give them on special occasions and are ready for me to get back in the groove. They are so patient with me taking a long time to get something finished. They tell me it is worth every minute they waited when I give it to them. I must interject here that there were circumstances detaining us all from doing this in a timely manner. Since this is Funny Friday, I will save that story for Somber Saturday.
Update on yesterdays accident. My foot is feeling better today. My plates however are sitting on the counter in time out til I figure out what I want to make out of all the little pieces. I have never done( just had one of those senior moments and can't recall the word for it) OK it's where you take pieces and glue them on a surface and then grout in between the pieces. For the love of piece I still can't recall that word. Forgive me and I hope you all know what I am talking about. I do want to try my hand at that craft one day. Maybe on a table or tray or.... I did (paint) an awesome scene on a damaged coffee table 10 years ago. The same daughter took the top home and is going to hang it on her very tall and big wall in her dining room. I must say I am so lucky to be blessed with many talents to do all the things I have done in the past.
I seem to be long winded today for some reason. What an accomplishment for someone on oxygen. So until next time I leave you with Just This...Alice

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  1. Alice-You will find a world of help from other Bloggers. I suggest you use their profiles and email them directly with questions. Most people are happy to help! Everybody starts somewhere and the learning process is half the fun! Good luck!