Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Sharing my life

Having never done this before yet viewed many blogs, I have decided to try my hand at blogging.
I live a simple life as a disabled woman since an auto accident. I refuse to give up and let it take away my life. Yes there are limits and I am unemployable but there is much I can still do. I love being with my family and my grandchildren are one of my greatest treasures. I have four of the most precious (doesn't everyone?) grandchildren I could hope for. They are aware that Gmaw, GeMe, Mamaw, has limitations and can be so helpful. Their awareness of others with disabilities is evident when in public. At WalMart one might pick up something for a person riding in the electric cart or allow them to go ahead of them in line. This has been a lesson of consideration of others in general especially when they see people cutting in front of me and my rolling walker.
My first grandchild was a boy and I was so ready for a a baby to hold in my arms again.He is now almost 7. This is a loving grandchild that loves to do arts and crafts with his Gmaw. He can be a little toughies at times but when necessary he can be very gentle. He is a cop and has the uniform and cars to prove it. he will arrest a bad guy in a heartbeat. Oh the fun we have watching him play. He rides behind his sister and gets on the bullhorn and tells her to pull over for speeding. He even has a ticket book for offenders. I was once given a ticket for going too slow with my rolling walker while in the yard. I just love this little man in his uniform.
My oldest grandaughter loves to have Gmaw make her dresses and bake cookies as well as cook. Stirring things, that are not hot, is one of her greatest joys. Of course being 4 years old has its limitations in the kitchen. We color and put together puzzles and play her board games. She learns about being a gracious winner and loser. She is so muture for being 4 that one would think she was much older but for her size. She is in Pre K and seems to be douing well. her memory is very good and sometimes her mom is blown away by it. She has a sweet personality and a tiny voice to go with it. I just love the little princess that she is.
My next grandchild is also a girl. She just had her 3rd birthday party. Of course she wanted to have a princess party like every other little girl. She was so cute in her little dress at teh party. She wanted her Geme to make her a princess dress for her birthday. Fortunately she does not look at all the mistakes I made since I can't sew as well as I used to. She has a love for playing barbies and having me read her stories. She is smarter beyond her years. Aren't they all now a days? She likes to go shopping and is so well behaved that shoppers comment on her. She too is a sweet little princess who loves to dress up. Just 20 to 30 times a day.
My fourth grandchild is a little (LOL) big boy. For 3 months, he is a big boy. Of course he was a big one when he was born. He has such a sweet disposition for being a boy but I'm sure that will change with time. I love watching him play with his hands and when we talk (I talk he coos) to each other and he smiles at me it makes me so proud to have him for a grandchild.
Well I have exercised my bragging rights as a grandmother for now and will focus on something else for my next post. Best wishes to all.

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